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United Fertilizer Chemical Co., Ltd

Since our establishment in 2012, United Fertilizer Chemical Co., Ltd. has been highly recognized by our customers for our excellent services and quality goods. At present, we serve customers all over the United States and have established good supplier relationships with the top ten companies in the industry.

We have provided professional fertilizer products for a broad number of farm owners to meet their full range of needs. Our water treatment chemicals are very consistent and reliable.

In the fertilizer and chemical industry, we offer our customers with the best quality and affordable products they need. Choose United Fertilizer Chemical and let us be your finest partner!

Global Presence

While we mainly service the North American market, we are quickly expanding our presence globally.

As of 2019 United Fertilizer Chemical is active in the following countries:

United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Chile, Panama, Brazil, Colombia

Japan, Malaysia

Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain

Middle East:
Isreal, Oman

Featured Products from United Fertilizer Chemical

Magnesium Sulfates

Manganese Sulfates

Zinc Sulfates

Def Grade Urea

Ultra Pure Urea

Barium Carbonate

Potassium Fluorosilicate

Sodium Fluorosilicate